Welcome to the Zaxina Wiki! Here are all of the rules you need to know to begin working on this wiki. Please follow them carefully.

  • This wiki is for anything regarding the Zaxina universe. You can read more here. Anything not regarding the Zaxina universe or not taking place inside it will be deleted.
  • Please no pornographic or highly graphic photos on this wiki.
  • Refrain from flaming, spamming, etc.
  • Do NOT use derogatory terms, triggers, or phobias that may make others uncomfortable.  Also, please do not tell people to die.
  • We highly recommend not sockpuppeting. You will be banned for a long time if you are caught doing it. It's excusable if you're using it to joke around on the chat, but you can't use it to ban evade on the chat. You also need to reveal that your sockpuppet is a sockpuppet to an administrator so they don't think you're intentionally managing multiple accounts.

Enjoy your time here!!